Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 72

“I think I should give up on my dreams of being an author.” She tearfully spoke to me.

My heart dropped when I heard this from Corinne.

“What?! But I just worked on some more illustrations for you today. Why do you want to give up?” I questioned her.

“It’s because everything I do is a failure and it’s not like I’ll be able to make a living with this little hobby of mine.” Corinne explained. “I’m not good enough for anyone. My parents really want me to get the nicest job when I get older, so I have to respect that.”

“Of course you will. You’re in a nice private school and you’re pretty smart and everything and-”

“THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR THEM!” She shrieked on the phone.

Wow. Did I offend her?


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