Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 74

“No…That’s not true!” I blurted out. “Corinne, don’t do this!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” She responded.

“Because I have faith in you being awesome in whatever you do.” I began my little impromptu speech for her. “I’ve spent countless hours making these illustrations for your novel, I hung out with you, and you’re my only friend here in this freaking town!” I heard her gasp a bit. “Ever since my family moved to Vermont, I’ve had trouble belonging over here. This small city feeling, the nature, and mom and pop shops feel empty whenever I get shunned, bullied, and as of yesterday, getting beat up for being some quiet mousy person.”

I wasn’t done just yet.

“I’m thankful that there was someone who understands me and I get to collaborate with you. I was pleasantly shocked that someone like you would hang out with some nerdy guy from Maryland who draws futuristic aircraft, tries to play the violin, and got into archery. YOU MAKE LIFE MEANINGFUL!” I shouted at her.


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