Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 87

“What’s up, Hosea?” Corinne asked.

“I’m felling pretty good. I got my first Robin Hood in archery earlier today. How about you?”

“Wait, so did you give a bunch of money to the poor and have a band of merry men?” Corinne sounded confused.

“Oh no. That’s what happens when you land two bullseyes and the second one goes through the first one.” I exposited.

“So that’s what it’s called. Hahaha!” She giggled. “Anyway, I’m doing okay. I’m on page thirty in Aerial Sovereignty, but I’ve had some major writers block after sending a ton of college applications.”

“Dang! Which places were you planning on going?” I asked her.

“Whoo boy. So far, I’ve sent ones to Castleton, Johnson State, Middlebury, Southern Vermont, and Skidmore.” Corinne listed. “I still have more to send, so I’ve mainly been focused on that.”


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