Gateway to the Empyrean: Cirrocumulus 100

We shot up to the heavens as we looked down on the Marble City beneath us.

“We actually did it, Hosea.” Corinne smiled as we flew around.

“Of course. I wouldn’t be able to have done this without you. I mean, you did help out with some of the parts and perfected some Eco-fuels here.” I complimented her.

“Yeah, but you’re the one who engineered it.” She noted.

“Quite true. Hey, how’s that new book treating you?” I asked her.

“Well, I did make the best seller list and averaged a four and a half star review.” She said.

“Very nice.”

Right above Rutland was us in a two-seater plane that was green and blue reflecting the environment around us and beneath us. The left wing had the words Regno Trionfale on it.

What can I say?

The sky was my archetype.


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