Gateway to the Empyrean is coming to NoiseTrade on 8/1!

Gateway to the Empyrean

How’s everything going? Did you all check out my serialization of Gateway to the Empyrean? If you did, then what did you think of it?

Much like Hollandus Landing earlier this year, Gateway to the Empyrean will be on NoiseTrade, too. This will be free or pay-what-you-want as usual on that platform. My cell phone novel will be featured on that site for download on August 1st, so mark your calendars.

Have a great weekend. I’m certainly enjoying my days off.


7 thoughts on “Gateway to the Empyrean is coming to NoiseTrade on 8/1!

      1. The current format is hard to navigate and remember where I left off. I love books but deface them by highlighting and writing notes in the corners.

        There are a few sites that catering to short stories. What would it take to get your stories on Amazon? I had a friend who wanted to write a book. His first and only book was sold through Amazon that was years ago.

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      2. Gotcha. You certainly aren’t the only one I know who does that. Haha!

        Sure thing. Funny you ask that. I want to publish more of my stories first, and then I’ll put everything on Amazon, too. Is that your main way of buying ebooks?


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