What is Telestic Estoc?


8/5/18, everyone!

You saw the picture and your question is exactly the title of this post. I’ll answer it right now.

Telestic Estoc is going to be a Cell Phone Novel that will be a TaleHunt exclusive. The overlying story involves the lives of thirty different characters in Earth Sigma 3 which is in another parallel universe where the technological advancements are superior to ours on this variant of Earth. Heroes and villains alike have been involved in a conspiracy involving a secret device and a mystical sword named the Telestic Estoc. Said sword is able to travel across dimensions and can cut open portals for traveling. Several factions are involved in this cosmic fray and each person tells their side of the story as this conspiracy becomes quite…global. Also, this takes place in the Hollanduscosm, so I would strongly recommend reading Hollandus Landing first. You can get it for free or by tipping if you want to. I’m just saying.

Remember, Telestic Estoc will be on TaleHunt. Download the app (IT’S FREE!), and follow me @TocsinChronicle to read the story.



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