6 Upcoming Book Pre-orders! 9/28/18

I have 6 books coming out next month and I have pre-orders up already! Expect excerpts and synopses over the next month.

Diptych Souls [Drama/Slice-Of-Life Cell Phone Novel]

Global Guru Elisha [Slice-Of-Life Junior Novel]

If I Could Only Be the Moon [Drama Cell Phone Novel]

Quarterback in Daffodil Heights [Fantasy/Comedy/Parody Novel]

Runa the Silencer [Dark Fantasy/Horror/Action Novelette]

Zombie Hunter in the Eight Star Mall [Horror/Dark Comedy/Satire Novelette]


5 thoughts on “6 Upcoming Book Pre-orders! 9/28/18

    1. You can click on any of the links on the article. Hit the Buy Now button, and it will give you an option of which store to get whatever book you would like. So far, I have pre-orders available through Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Angus & Robertson. Unfortunately, I don’t have the books on Amazon yet since they won’t let me do pre-orders there.

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