Quarterback in Daffodil Heights Cover and Synopsis

Quarterback in DaffoDil Heights

Pre-orders 9/28/18 https://www.books2read.com/u/boZXz0

Paulie Kowalski is the #1 quarterback for his team, but he’s also the biggest jerk in the school. He’s rude, arrogant, and uses profanity. On one fateful day during football practice, he gets transported into a technicolor world that would make pastel crayons look dull in comparison. Paulie is under the watch of this fairy-like creature named Violet Blossom who is way too hyper, but she’s all too willing to electrocute the quarterback if he ever swears or doesn’t follow orders. He has to do ten good deeds to get back to his upper-middle-class suburban home, yet he has to deal with baking things, narcissistic pop stars with an army of fangirls, an Amazonian iguana herbalist, deadpan hockey-playing ice princesses, and other bizarre individuals. Paulie is in for a colorful world of hurt in this journey.


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