Revezia: Shattered Crowns Synopsis and Pre-Order Link

Revezia_Shattered Crowns

Revezia is an anachronistic planet of sorts with varying degrees of technology and magic in different super-continents. This vast world contains stories of various heroes and villains in this peculiar globe.

A new diabolical faction has ascended on Revezia. They are the Paragon Tiaras. This is a trio of princesses who’s main goal to to eliminate those who they consider to be ugly. The Paragon Tiaras have been wreaking havoc across numerous kingdoms and have set their sights on Tau’ataina Island. It’s up to a motley crew of the Island’s Queen Toloa who’s resolve resembles her massive strength, Providence Isle’s princess Liliwen who’s able to enhance and manipulate forms of magic by fusing it with random objects, and Ximena who is a sarcastic woman who’s wit matches her hypersonic speed. In the shadows of all of the action, things are being overseen by a drop dead gorgeous enchantress named Astranna who has a connection with these sinister maidens causing all of this chaos.

Welcome to Revezia. The atmosphere of the mystic and atypical intertwine in this place.

Pre-order Shattered Crowns here:

Don’t forget to download the Revezia Sampler!


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