Revezia: Praxis of the Disenchanted Pre-Order and Synopsis

Revezia_Praxis of the Disenchanted(1)

Revezia is an anachronistic planet with super-continents with varying degrees of technology and magic. This peculiar world has been subjected to many stories with various heroes and villains.

In Claro Vista, Galbion, there’s the Zakarian Pawn Shop in the heart of the giant city. By day, the employees sell unique gizmos, antiques, and other relics. By night, the crew go on missions across Revezia for some treasure hunting. Leading the pawnshop is the owner Cyrilla Zakarian. She’s a straight shooter, takes no guff from others, but she has a huge friend to all reptiles like her two pet snakes. There’s Marius Maelstrom, who’s the second employee. He’s the old man in the shop, but age hasn’t slowed him down by knowing about historical items, excellent with swords and guns, but he tends to hit the bottle. Ambrose St. Apollo is the resident mechanic and technician. Ambrose is fun-loving, yet extremely adept at technology with his cybernetic eyes, and he also doubles as the muscle for the team. Dr. Erika Tsubakiyama is an eccentric inventor. She’s normally emotionless, but she has a loud and maniacal laugh whenever she creates something effective whether it’s energy sources or devices. Finally, there’s Amadi Ojuinu. He’s a mysterious strategist with long dreadlocks, has a very high IQ, yet has a tendency to be a jerk with his intellect and intense snark. The Zakarian Pawn Shop is willing to take these jobs for a pretty penny to see the world, get treasures, and being able to pay the rent for their establishment.

Welcome to Revezia. The atmosphere of the mystical and the atypical are in tow here.

Pre-order Praxis of the Disenchanted here:

Don’t forget to download the Revezia Sampler!

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