Revezia: Tales from the Mage Colony Pre-order and Synopsis

Revezia_Tales Fromthe Mage Colony

Revezia is an anachronistic planet with all these varying levels of magic and technology. This world has been a host of numerous stories with heroes and villains.

The Mage Colony is a penal community in Galbion. In Galbion, it’s the only super-continent that has no magic at all. Magic-using criminals are de-powered and sent to The Mage Colony as punishment since the lack of mana could be a worse punishment than just going to a regular prison. Tales from the Mage Colony is a book containing ten short stories involving those guilty and innocent being judged by this anti-thaumaturgic system.

Welcome to Revezia. The atmosphere is filled with mystic and atypical elements.

Pre-order Tales from the Mage Colony here:

Don’t forget to download the Revezia Sampler:


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