Sylvain: Serpent King Synopsis

Sylvain_ Serpent King

Hundreds of years ago, there was the kingdom of Raimondia in an alternate historical France. There was a young orphaned king named Sylvain who would be selfish, petty, and a royal pain. On one fateful day, he would be cursed by the enchantress Magotine to become a serpent for years. There’s also a princess named Laidronette who was also cursed by the aforementioned Magotine, but she was hexed to be ugly not long after she was born. She lived isolated in a tower and has bouts of self-loathing despite her intelligence. Sylvain and Laidronette would soon cross paths as their fates become intertwined by their spellbound statuses.

This is one adaptation/remake of the 17th-century tale of The Green Serpent done in a wholly unique way with a high fantasy setting, intense drama, and with the perspectives of both the serpent and the princess throughout the book.

The purest hearts can transcend hideousness…

Don’t forget to pre-order Sylvain: Serpent King on 12/28/18!


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