Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle Synopsis

revezia_ sika-uvira chronicle

Kasamba Baraka is one introverted man from Galbion who is on the breakthrough of some engineering discovery. Despite being from a mana-free portion of Revezia, he is able to use computer systems to neutralize hexes and to convert mana into renewable energy. Kasamba gets a job to help this small, yet technologically advanced domed town called Sika Uvira in Realtai as an independent contractor. Things do get hazardous as that town is under the watchful eyes of the Courtland family and conglomerate as minerals and resources were found in Sika Uvira’s territory. Joining Kasamba is Sethunya who was freed from the Mage Colony system after being found innocent and they have to defend the town from the exploitative means of the Courtlands and their allies.


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