Team Extrasolar Synopsis

team extrasolar

On the planet Zerim, there was a great tradition of superheroes across the place. Unfortunately, they were upstaged by the Valiant Legionnaires. This quartet slayed so many heroes and villains alike where they became the number one faction in the planet. One survivor Rhona Pryce has been in hiding but vowed to stop them whenever she had a chance. She eventually finds three people from dimensions away to team up with her: Tyson Manheim, Seiya Mizuno, and Clover Sangsorn. The three of them were from the Heaven of the Midwest known as Hollandus Landing. How will these three people from Earth and this returning superheroine take on the Valiant Legionnaires from their onslaught?

From the world of Hollandus Landing comes this superpowered cell phone novel from this multiverse…the Hollanduscosm.

Pre-order Team Extrasolar here!


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