Planet Chromatica Synopsis

planet chromatica
Planet Chromatica as a fusion of technology and magic. Numerous cities have flying cars while also having a noticeable population of dragons in them. There’s one such dragon named Distira who’s the guardian of New Barquisimeto City and was benevolent to that area. There was one rival to her and it was the nefarious princess Antia Azarola who collected so many amulets from dragons across the planet and Distira was on her radar. Two people opposed her at first with the self-doubting, yet quick fighter Ceferino Quinones and his quiet powerhouse friend Shamil Alphajor. They are joined by three students transported from Leyden Avalon University who were affected by the exomoon incident in Hollandus Landing. There was the tomboyish athlete Taylor Garver, the aspiring filmmaker Earl McRae, and the shy actress Darina Thornley-Foster who are forced to team with Distira’s allies to protect New Barquisimeto City and stop Antia’s forces.

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