Saturday Sample Chapter: Kyriakos and the United Omniversal Alliance

kyriakos and the united omniversal alliance

[Chapter 1 Part I]
It’s an arduous job keeping track of the vast multiverse at large.
Planets, solar systems, dimensions, and even entire universes are under surveillance.

Crimes have happened in several cosmic locales that most people haven’t been aware of it. One can spend an entire existence on their home planet as they miss various murders, wars, and genocides happening in their own galaxy.

Some of these vices have been grand in nature, so various task forces have been created to serve and protect the well-being of a whole myriad of habitats in numerous dimensions.

Only one organization has dared to keep the multiverse in line: The United Omniversal Alliance.

[Chapter 2 Part II]
This was a gigantic organization that represented several universes to keep the order of the macrocosms in existence.

There were delegates, agents, politicians, enforcers, and other positions housed within this bureau.

People from all sorts of dimensions had to come together in dealing with several issues and crimes from all over the multiverse.

It might as well have been a nation with how many people were employed and it could dwarf the United Nations in terms of representation let alone people on the payroll.

Whenever there’s a disruption in the multiverse, they got a heads up.

[Chapter 3 Part III]
One sector of the United Omniversal Alliance involved the usage of various task forces.

They are sent to various situations and can be highly specialized.

There are units based on multi-dimensional smuggling, human trafficking, illegal traveling, homicides, and several other crimes related to multiple worlds.

However, there are some units which deal with peculiar situations.

Some units were made to deal with illegal dimensional paraphernalia and crimes related to those objects.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]
One case had gotten the attention of one of the United Omniversal Alliance’s units.

What they found out was that some unstable substances were taken and weaponized on one of the earths in one particular universe that caused significant damage.

This crime would’ve caught the eyes from the most vigilant people involved in this particular unit.

The strength and resilience from this crew were qualifiers to find out about this crime.

It was lead by one expert to deal with the subject at hand.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

This person in question was none other than Kyriakos Teignmouth.

He was the leader of the United Omniversal Alliance’s Iolite Sentinel Regiment and was the second generation in his family who was involved with this line of work.

Kyriakos and his team were sent to investigate this discrepancy in the multiverse, but there were other obstacles that would eventually affect this expert sleuth.

What would cause such a disturbance for this unit?

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