Saturday Sample Chapter: Team Extrasolar

team extrasolar
[Chapter 1 Part I]

Out of the many planets which contained refugees from Hollandus Landing, one of them just happened to be the planet Zerim.

 This curious planet wasn’t like Earth. While there were several humans who physically resembled those on that blue planet, they weren’t like them. The thing was that superpowers were quite common in this planet.

 Calling the people heroes would be a stretch, but that was the normality that occurred. One could see people flying, turning invisible, or flaunting super strength and no one would bat an eye if they were one of the billions of locals.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

Zerim did have some individuals who were legitimately heroic though.

 Many of those more valiant than others did go around to protect others from harm. Some teams and squadrons were formed to make sure that no one used their abilities in abusive ways. Lives were saved with this system, but unscrupulous ruffians also made their own factions as a criminal counterpoint to those who did good on this planet.

 Perhaps, those morally dubious individuals had more power then expected.

 After all, many heroic stables faced vitiation.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

One such faction was known as the Celestial City Strike Force.

 These were four individuals in their late teens who managed to fight crime to the best of their ability that even their older heroic counterparts were forced to take notice. Many neighborhoods became safe under their protection and they even teamed up with groups from other dimensions. Their respect was that immense when that occurred during their tenure.

 This quartet wanted to fight injustice until the end…

…And three out of the four members of the Celestial City Strike Force met theirs.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

With the Celestial City Strike Force out of the picture, four separate individuals decided to take the mantle and they were none other than the Valiant Legionnaires.

 Three people from Zerim and one member from the distant planet Chojin World came together to be the greatest heroes on the planet. Their idea of being heroes is unorthodox at best and downright sinister at worst.

 They became an enterprise and had near global influence across Zerim. It became a monopoly of heroic factions as other groups became rivals for them. They saw them as assets that needed to be liquidated should anyone dare to become as glorious as them in their own twisted minds.

 The kicker was that they succeeded with their business in contrived heroism.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

With the Valiant Legionnaires ruling Zerim, it was hard to be heroic without them trying to sabotage such an attempt. It was either following that faction or to be severely punished worse than some masked powerhouse of a villain could ever dream of inflecting.

 Three souls would soon learn about this quartet as they would enter this planet. This trio was thrown across the multiverse as fate would have it with blasts of Exomoon that devastated their home city. That city was none other than Hollandus Landing, Wisconsin.

 The three people in question were transported by the Exomoon explosions and they certainly didn’t expect to be taken to an exoplanet (for all intents and purposes).

 Who are they?

 They are Seiya Mizuno, Clover Sangsorn, and Tyson Manheim. All of them were students at Hollandus United High School and were united by the blasts.

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