Saturday Sample Chapter: Novus Pride

novus pride
[Chapter 1 Part I]

So many souls were thrust into the multiverse on that fateful day in Hollandus Landing, Wisconsin.

The population was scattered in a diaspora concocted by those cursed Exomoon bombs around the city.

 This fury knew no bounds as these souls traveled against their will to foreign planets and dimensions with this unstable dimensional energy inside those explosives.

 While there were less fatalities than anticipated, it certainly didn’t help that the scattering went to so many unknown locales to the average earthling.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

As some of those souls would enter into a myriad of dimensions and several other planets, this tale deals with the planet known as Kaqquru Firmament. While it looks similar to earth in regards to landmass and an abundance of water, it’s certainly less polluted than this current earth.

 Instead of fossil fuels, halogens, or even nuclear energy, the most common energy source is known as Vitaha. This particular resource is renewable like solar power, yet it is a hybrid of refined magic, lunar power, and stabilized hydrogen. It powers vehicles, cities, and even weapons.

 One particular area that was rich in Vitaha would be the illustrious Neo-Chalmea Kingdom.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

The Neo-Chalmea Kingdom was a vast empire with several mines and reserves loaded with Vitaha. It was stable and lead for generations by the House of Zomaya-Malkea. Many citizens of all ethnic groups, races, and walks of life were safe there for generations under the dynasty of those monarchs.

 Unfortunately, this would cause panic as the throne was dismantled a decade ago by a foreign invader named Ewald II.

 His regime caused chaos while vying for a monopoly on Vitaha while harboring a grudge against the Zomaya-Malkea dynasty.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

The citizens lived in fear of this thieving usurper and some who disobeyed his orders would face some of the most brutal punishments imaginable. 

 Ewald II’s empire would expand outside of Neo-Chalmea’s borders as he would conquer some of the adjacent kingdoms and villages to great success with him and his platoon.

 What Ewald tried and failed to do ten years ago was to slay the heir who was lucky to escape. He was none other than the one true prince Koralo.

 While in exile, he grew up and vowed to reclaim the throne, but he wouldn’t be able to do so alone.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

What Koralo wouldn’t realize was that dimensional refugees would be caught up in this plot as well.

 There were three people transported from Hollandus Landing that would end up in the Kaqquru Firmament. They didn’t ask to be involved, but fate has a cruel way of aligning things beyond one’s control.

 What would it be like for an actor, a librarian, and an activist to be transported into a new planet such as this one?

 This would be something that would actually happen for those three souls.

 They would be none other than Waverly Arlington, Jr., his wife Seble Arlington, and their mutual friend Elijah Whitebull.

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