Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle is available on NoiseTrade!

Revezia_ Sika Uvira Chronicle Cover


Kasamba Baraka is an engineering entrepreneur of sorts. He has created machines and devices that can use numerous forms of energy and can even neutralize magic. However, he has several bouts of self-loathing going on. Things would take a different turn as he gets hired as an independent contractor to work with the tech-savvy village in Realtai called Sika Uvira lead by the chief Tshintu Mutoto. Kasamba takes the job and is able to team up with the healer Sethunya to get work done. Unfortunately, Sika Uvira has been targeted by Pierce Courtland who wants the villages resources for his own gain and has slaughtered other locales to get his way. It’s up to Kasmaba, Sethunya, and Tshintu to defend this Realtaian village and to secure the resources.

This is from the world of Revezia and was originally serialized through the app Talehunt.

I hope you enjoy reading the whole story in eBook form! It’s free or at your own price ($1 minimum if you fancy).

Download Sika Uvira Chronicle here!

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