I’ve recently had times where I wondered if my own stories can still be good.

I haven’t posted anything on here in a while. Just been working, writing more books, and playtesting some characters on Talehunt as of recently.

There have been some enlightening things going on despite some of the doldrums that have affected me. Trying to learn a new language has been fun and challenging for starters, but there was something bigger that’s been making me think. It’s about the culture and all the lies I’ve been indoctrinated with for most of my life without even realizing it. In addition, I’ve been slowly trying to regain any self-esteem and self-respect that was taken from me for years. Some of it has been showing up since I wrote Telestic Estoc with certain characters. Going back to the culture aspect, I realized how much atrocities and violent behavior is glorified. Am I saying violence doesn’t have their place in stories or people shouldn’t defend themselves? Absolutely not. What I haven’t been a fan of is people glorifying killers and mass murderers. Seriously, how many doctors or teachers can you name compared to soldiers or worse…serial killers. Just think about it for a second. Even media aimed at younger audiences is filled with that stuff. I’m not guilty since I played a TON of fighting games and watched lots of action-based shows with superheroes and what not during my childhood. Also, what fictional books always sell the most? Murder mysteries, war dramas, and thrillers.

Does this mean I’m going to stop using violence in the content of current and future books? No. Since Hollandus Landing, I’ve been challenging the concept of violence by demonizing things that should be demonized (genocide, imperialism, racial violence, etc.) and my protagonists are on the receiving end of the afflictions, so they have to defend themselves and others. I’m not trying to write anything like what’s in the MCU or in Shonen Jump, you know. However, I’ve been challenged even more with the characters I write and with the plot concepts I’ve come up with.

I hope you’ll still keep reading even though I have a very small fan base.


4 thoughts on “I’ve recently had times where I wondered if my own stories can still be good.

  1. Though I definitely agree that violence for its own sake shouldn’t be glorified, I have to respectfully disagree that the MCU does so. Superheroes—at least the good ones—always act in self-defense and are almost always called out when they do otherwise. Was there a particular MCU film that caught your attention concerning this topic? Maybe it’s one I haven’t seen yet.

    I also don’t think it’s fair to lump all soldiers in the same group. There are plenty of soldiers out there who realize what an atrocity war is but are fighting to protect what they hold dear. I don’t see that as glorifying violence necessarily, either.

    Always glad you’re willing to bring up the tough topics to discuss!

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    1. My article wasn’t about the MCU as I mentioned it in passing, but I guess it was on my mind given the Endgame hype which I was sick of. Anyways, I’ve noticed about certain things about who characters save or who they don’t save and how some teams are lauded for saving while others are demonized.

      I’m not anti-soldiers. If that were the case then I’d be against those who fought in slave uprisings and/or were against colonialism, but they get demonized or ignored (see the backlash against Nate Parker when he made Birth of a Nation [2016]). Of course, those kind of battles and wars rarely make history books here (gee, I wonder why). I don’t like how some soldiers are lauded only for their military acumen or worse…for how good they are at killing others.

      Thank you, and I have much more to say about these things. I’m just frustrated by how even I was affected as a kid with the action shows I watched and the fighting games I played without realizing the effect it had on me. I also hate how people who do good get vilified and those who do evil are lauded.


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