Hollandus Landing turns 2 years old!


Can you believe it?

My biggest cell phone novel Hollandus Landing was first serialized 2 years ago on this blog. Time really does fly around here. 2017 was an important year for me as a writer because that was when I FINALLY decided to show some of my fiction projects after writing books and short stories since 2014. Hollandus Landing was the project that started it all and forced me to write this cell phone novel live on my blog. It was a 6 month undertaking as I posted every Monday through Saturday with 5 chapters apiece. Granted, I’m still small potatoes even in the indie fiction scene and not that many people care about cell phone novels here in America, but I had to try something completely new with multiple narrators being involved in this secret plot in this otherwise utopian Midwestern town whether they knew it or not.

Thus the Hollanduscosm was born.

If you haven’t read Hollandus Landing, then you can download it for free (or by $1 minimum donation) on NoiseTrade!

After you read that, I would strongly suggest reading more books from the Hollanduscosm.

Telestic Estoc (Action/Sci-Fi: free or $1 minimum donation)

Borough of the Exiled (Action/Drama/Dark Fantasy: 99 cents)

Kyriakos and the United Omniversal Alliance (Sci-Fi/Drama/Adventure: 99 cents)

Team Extrasolar (Superhero/Action/Adventure: 99 cents)

Novus Pride (Action/Drama/Future Fantasy: 99 cents)

Planet Chromatica (Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Action: 99 cents)

Happy birthday, Hollandus Landing!

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