Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Infrasound Larceny

Revezia_ Infrasound Larceny
Chapter 1:

There is a planet called Revezia.

 This particular place houses a few supercontinents all containing their own unique cultures and forms of technology. One supercontinent in particular is Realtai. It is the most technologically advanced part of the planet as futuristic fuel sources are common, hovering transportation is the norm, and even magic is used in addition to the most sophisticated forms of energy or machinery.

 Some people decided to learn and eventually work in this kind of environment.

Chapter 2:

One place in this supercontinent is the reputable Equinox State University in Dobsonian Park. It is a big state school in a mid-size college town that gets a twenty percent increase in population when school is in session.

 There were so many things that stood out such as hover-bike trails, several mom and pop shops, and enough venues for independent artists can tour through.

 Whether they be hipsters, rockers, metal-heads, real hip-hop heads, and everything in between, there was a culture with art, education, local businesses and so many other things happening across Dobsonian Park.

 There was one such musician who was busy getting his degree at Equinox State.

Chapter 3:

“Could you pass me the transducer, please?”

That small device was passed over and the person who requested that attached it to a tiny thumb piano made from circuitboards, metal strips, and old video game controllers. Next, there was a quarter inch cable attached to the transducer and was hooked up to a small amplifier.

 “Thanks, Benesha. Let’s see if this bad boy works here.”

 The person wiped his brow and began to play a basic three note melodic sequence on this custom-made thumb piano.

 “I know it’s not my main instrument of choice, but here goes.”

 First, static came over the amp.

Chapter 4:

He grunted after hearing more static.

“Jermaine, are you okay?”

“This thumb piano transducer isn’t doing what I want.” He sighed before turning off the amplifier and unplugging the cable. “Time for some readjustments.” Jermaine got out a couple of tools and fiddled around with the machinery for a couple of minutes. He then plugged the cable back in and gave it another try.

 Some simple music emerged from the sound machine.

Chapter 5:

“Yes, I did it!” Jermaine exclaimed when those notes rang out of the amplifier.

“Of course. I knew you’d be able to fix that.” Benesha complimented her classmate. “If you can make a thumb piano from scratch, then I know you’ll be able to finish your big project.”

“Speaking of which, how about your project?”

“It’s going, you know.” She replied. “You know it’s not easy engineering a robot even if it’s about the size of a coffeemaker.”

 Jermaine improvised some scales on the thumb piano while talking.

“Definitely, but you’ve got this. I know you’ll do well with that and graduate with flying colors with a Bachelor’s in robotics. You went to the right school for that.” He then had his head down. “I wish my major had more people involved and had as much of a reputation.”

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