Saturday Sample Chapter: Revezia Electrum Volume 1 Silver Genesis

Silver Genesis

[Warning: This Sample Chapter contains spoilers from Revezia: Sika Uvira Chronicle!]


There is a planet called Revezia.

 This particular place houses a few supercontinents all containing their own unique cultures and forms of technology. There’s Desideria which harbored the highest amount of mana under numerous kingdoms and fiefdoms. There’s Realtai who excelled in futuristic technology while also using a hybrid of mana and cold hard technical innovations. There’s Aquavia which was an underwater kingdom with hydrokinetic magic available while enclosed from the rest of the ocean. Finally, there was Galbion whose environment resembled a modern world, yet with no mana available.

 However, some Galbionites have harnessed ways to convert or cancel forms of magic.

One individual in particular was the self-employed inventor and engineer Kasamba Baraka. Hailing from Ndindi Park, Conmakoko, Galbion, he tinkered with various devices that can detect, transmute, and in some cases neutralize hexes or dangerous forms of mana. After his contracted work in the small Realtaian enclave of Sika Uvira, he went back to Ndindi Park. His co-worker at the time was Sethunya who was a healer mage from the Lerato Nation in Desideria. Kasamba was busy coming up with new potential devices. There was a large piece of paper that contained a sketch of a robotic suit as he figured out all the ins and outs of this project.

 This and other moments would lead to a collective effort across Revezia to deal with various issues where magic and technology are concerned. How will this play out for Kasamba and Sethunya?

Chapter 1: A New Mission for Kasamba

Ndindi Park, Conmakoko, Galbion, 2198 Misterioso Solar Epoch (MSE)…

“Has it really been months since I was in Sika Uvira?” Kasamba said to himself as he put a translucent metal tube inside a rectangular piece of scrap metal. This piece was a fusion of silver and gold for the outline. He entered a piece of iridiumite inside the tube before hooking it up to a generator the size of a landline phone. Kasamba flipped the switch and the tube gradually began to glow green. It illuminated the room and caused the goggles to match the color of the light. He stuck his hand out which had a black glove on it and the particles gravitated towards that appendage. The energy from the glow pulsated and it tingled the engineer’s hands. The essence became more intense until it suddenly stopped as if the power was cut out. “Well, that was attempt number eight.” Kasamba coldly responded to the failure in that endeavor. “I wonder if I’ll even come close to making my possible magnum opus.” He looked at the giant design of the metallic suit. “I don’t want to go back to the drawing board as the old cliche goes.” He sighed while putting the huge drawing away and walking away from his desk. Kasamba checked his phone and a text message popped up in addition to a picture. It was none other than his younger cousin from Realtai Benesha posing with a paper-thin smartphone that looked like a piece of glass with flashing icons.

In the background was her cybernetic butterfly drone Munia flying around with a sign that said: “Behold the Magicanvas! Coming soon!”. 

 Kasamba texted back once he saw the picture.

“Good on you, Benesha! I hope your business with Jermaine goes well!”. Despite the exclamation points in the texts, Kasamba still was stone-faced as he kept going. He went to his room where there was a small desk where he put his laptop. The inventor popped in a DVD of this indie movie made in Conmakoko called Adagio! Loubomo Orchestra. The film played and it involved a euphonium player starting college and finding a struggling orchestra in town. “Sure beats whatever animated musical garbage is out there.” He commented. “Give me some of that neorealism any day of the week.”

 The cinematography wasn’t flashy at all as one could possibly film portions with a regular camera or even some smartphones available. The main character Bondeko was busy practicing his horn instrument outside as several passersby walked by him as if nothing was going on. The next thing that happens is a fellow female student walks by while holding an instrument case that was certainly larger than a euphonium.

“Hey, you’ve got skills. What’s your name?”.

“It’s Bondeko.” He stopped playing his instrument to address her. “How about you?”

“My name is Disanka. Hope you don’t mind a duet while you’re practicing?” She unzipped her instrument case to reveal a well-varnished cello. “Keep going with what you were doing.” Just as Bondeko began to resume his musical prowess, there was an email notification on the top right corner of the screen. Kasamba’s eyes darted to that corner before immediately hitting the pause button on the screen. The email popped up to overlap over that duet and it revealed a message directed to him from someone who was new.

“Dear Mr. Baraka,

 My name is Aybek Ibraimov. I own the Ibraimov Security Corporation in Rasul City. You were recommended to us as we’ve heard about your technical prowess and through your inventions…”

Kasamba rolled his eyes. “Surely this Aybek guy is overrating my skills.”

 He continued reading the message.

“…We could use your skills to help with our cybersecurity interface and also protect us from a business rival infringing upon our company. We have some codes that need to be protected, but I also know that you can handle yourself in tougher situations as well.”

 He raised an eyebrow while reading this.

 “The thing is one of the biggest recommendations came from Chief Tshintu Mutoto from Sika Uvira and I will pay you 300,000 Galbion Dollars for your efforts. You’ll be on a team with Sethunya from the Lerato Nation who was also recommended to me and Espiridion Ortega from New Xela, Quetzaland. Please respond as soon as you can.


 -Aybek Ibraimov
 Founder/CEO of Ibraimov Security Corporation”

Kasamba’s jaw dropped when he read that. “This is unreal on so many levels.” He started counting with his fingers the way it was such an event. “First, Tshintu put in a good word for me to some Galbionite businessman. Second of all, Sethunya is part of this mission. Thirdly, one of my university buddies Dion is in on this mission, too?” He immediately typed a response to his prospective employer. “Dear, Mr. Ibraimov, I’m honored that you would be interested in contracting my services. I would be interested in working with you. When would you like me to start? I’m sure I can help out with a security system. Thank you.” After that, he un-paused the film he watched. It got to the part where the two students did an impromptu musical duet right near the commons as so many college kids walked around.

“Bondeko, I’m suddenly feeling like you at this point.” He said.

 The next day later, Kasamba packed up all of his things such as clothes, toiletries, his eyewear collection (glasses, goggles, lenses, etc.), a couple of books, his gadgets, and his working design that was all folded up. He got a ride over to the Ndindi Park International Airport and went through the terminal with all of his belongings. Once he was about to pass through the metal detector, he took off his belt and retrieved it on the way back. “At least I won’t make that oversight again.” He thought. Kasamba went on the plane and started to read one of his books from his carry-on bag called “Fusion Infantry Six”. This particular piece of fiction was written by a Ndindi Park native named Marcus Motema who dealt with a stealth operations unit traveling around to help protect various artifacts from the planet. “I’m not taking chances with whatever vapid mainstream garbage is going to spew from those screens again.” Kasamba whispered to himself while reading.

“Agent Mukuna strafed around the room while avoiding any alarms or sensors. He put his hand on his earpiece. ‘This is Arrowhead. I made it to the Panther’s Den. Over.’”

 ‘Good job, Arrowhead.’ Said Agent Bibuwa AKA’d as Hatchet. ‘Keep going straight and you’ll be able to find the Crimson Bloom soon enough.

 Mukuna stealthily moved ever closer to the prize. The red glinted in his eyes as he found it despite the purest darkness. ‘Those curators aren’t going to steal from Conmakoko’s land again.’ He promised before moving quicker. Then, an alarm went off as his ankle grazed against a laser.”

Kasamba shook his head when he got to that part of the book. “Be careful next time, pal.” He internally ranted while reading on as his plane got closer to his destination.

Meanwhile in Rasul City, Tajriyba, Galbion…

There was a giant hotel situated in this mountainous city that was loaded with historical buildings, places of worship, and bazaars. It overlooked a city square that bustled with several people walking around minding their own business. Inside this hotel in a business suite was a tall man with long brunette hair in a ponytail wearing a forest-green suit, having pork chop sideburns to cover part of his face, and he looked at the window seeing the cityscape beneath him. “Everyone looks so busy, but not many of them are really doing anything.” He stoically commented on the life in Rasul City. Things looked normal until he saw one tall building with flashing ads that caught his attention. It started out by advertising a local soda until the letters morphed into words that forced him to take notice.

“Quirinius Quinton Quincy…Look at your phone.”

 He raised his eyebrow, but eventually followed the instructions from that bizarre ad directed at him. When he looked at his smartphone which had a titanium case with his initials on the back, he saw on the screen a video call with the name Lucien Cambione attached to it.

“So it’s him. I don’t remember giving him my number.” He then answered it and saw a blond man with blue eyes wearing all white looking straight at him. Lucien walked around with some people around him and behind him minding their own business.

“Salutations, Mr. Quincy. I hope I caught you at the right time.” Lucien greeted him.

“You did, but how did you make that sign for me?” Quirinius asked him.

 “That’s not important, but what is important is that you’re paying attention since you and your team want some information from a certain Aybek Ibraimov if I’m not mistaken.” Lucien just smiled pleasantly while addressing him. “I don’t blame you for doing so since this individual could be a threat to your plans and mine. What doesn’t help matters is that Ibraimov has some hired guns. Two of them were able to foil the plans of Pierce Courtland and his allies.”

“Pierce? He may have a ton of money, but people overrate his business acumen.” Quirinius calmly argued. “Also, colonizing villages across Revezia isn’t my style, so he got what was coming to him. All I want is Ibraimov’s interfaces, not natural resources.”

“Fair enough. I think it will be better if we met face to face to discuss this further.” Lucien’s video feed shut down on the phone. Before one could say “business meeting”, he reappeared in Quirinius’s hotel room in the reflection of the window. Quirinius immediately turned around to address him.

“How the hell did you get here? You had to have been miles away from where we are now.” He composed himself after saying that.

“I have my ways of getting from point A to point B in the most unique fashion.” Lucien deflected that question before going further. “Let’s get back on track here. How do you plan on getting the interfaces, codes, or anything else that you need?”

 Quirinius grabbed a tablet that was on his nightstand and turned it on. “I have the coordinates and some hacking software involved that are linked to the Ibraimov Security Company’s databases for starters. I also have a team of cybersecurity and ground forces when I deploy them. That and some hired hands of my own.” Next thing, he walked over to a large shelled suitcase that matched his expensive suit and he opened it. It revealed a sledgehammer with visible circuitry on it. “I always have this should I ever need to get physical with their team or whomever they employed to stop me.” Lucien got closer and looked at this peculiar sledgehammer. He studied it like it was a prized artifact. Lucien then handed it back to its rightful owner.

 “It’s certainly a backup plan that trumps most people’s Plan As. I wished some of my past collaborators had as much ingenuity as you. One of the last ones got a bit too headstrong against a trumpet player of all people.” Lucien complimented.

“May I ask who your top accomplices are for your plan?”

 He tapped a button on his titanium watch.

“You’ll know who they are in just a few seconds.” Like clockwork, there was some knocking on the door. “Come in! I want you to meet someone.”

 The door opened and a man and woman showed up. The other man in particular had tan skin and had silver robotic arms. He had jet black hair that was shaved on the sides. The woman by him had ebony skin who had dyed green hair that was wavy. She wore a purple skirt and light pink boots.

 Lucien saw these two people and cordially greeted them. “My name is Lucien Cambione, and I’m honored to meet you both.”

 The man with the robotic arms extended them from a distance.

“The name’s Eugenio Santos, Lucien. I’m from New Xela and I’m Quirinius’s top enforcer here.”

 Next up, the woman walked up and Lucien kissed her hand which had a ring on it.

“Alicia Dashwood. One of the best strategists on the planet and I’m a damn good-looking one, too.”

“Pleasure’s mine, Alicia. I sense that these two will assist you quite well on your mission.” Lucien commended the two of them.

“I wouldn’t hire anything less than A+ players when it comes to business.” Quirinius sternly spoke to Lucien.

Eugenio flexed a cybernetic muscle to add to his point. “You see, both of them have a large body of work on their resume which impressed me. We’ll be more than happy to show you.” He waved to all of them and they exited the hotel room and went to the elevator all the way to the first floor. Quirinius lead the way before dropping 50,000 Galbion Dollars on the lobby desk. “Thank me later.” He winked to the people at the concierge desk before walking off with the rest of the people as they went to the gym. Surprisingly, no one was there working out at this time. Eugenio went over to the weights and loaded up the bar with an obscene amount of resistance. He lifted the bar up like it was just a wooden stick. Lucien nodded as he examined this hired mercenary with the robotic arms. Next, he went to the punching bag that was in the room after dropping the weights. He punched a hole right through the bag and Quirinius grinned watching him doing that. Alicia went up next and did some various flips and kicks with an ungodly amount of air time as if she temporarily floated. She then pressed a button on her smartwatch and some light purple armor surrounded her body. Alicia went to another punching bag and did some rapid fast and agile strikes which left several holes and sand poured out. She pressed her smartwatch again and her armor vanished.

“Wasn’t I right?” Quirinius asked Lucien.

“You certainly are. However, I will warn you that some of those forces working with Aybek have their own gadgets and tricks, so don’t expect a curb stomp battle.” Lucien forewarned the three of them.

“Please, none of them can compete whoever they are.” Eugenio boasted. “I wouldn’t have to amputate my arms to get Realtaian technology instead and—“

 Lucien disappeared from the gym.

“I don’t know how he did it, but I feel like he’s the kind of guy who vanishes a lot.” Alicia noted about the situation.

“Try having a video chat with him,” Quirinius said to her. “Now that we got our little demonstration out of the way, we’ll start business tomorrow. That’s when the game is going to start.” The three of them exited the gym as they left the damaged punching bags behind with smiles on their faces. 

 One passerby walked into the gym and saw the sandy mess that was left right by the punching bags.

“Wait a minute. What just happened here?” A patron scratched his head when he surveyed the damage in the hotel’s workout room.

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