Four Centuries…Never Forget

I was the collective spirit of those afflicted watching all of those in chains. Constant tears were raised to the heavens and taking at least 100 million souls upward was tragic. Blood soaked the ground long before they separated from the other colonies. Savagery became rampant, but it didn’t come from those declared savages. I witnessed the miscarriages by the thousands whether by the sword or by alligators. The Devil’s Punchbowl made me sick as people were starved out like they were some beasts separated from a kingdom. Even when emancipation hit, there was a loophole once that thirteenth law was on paper. Still they never owned up to these atrocities.

“That was long ago!” They all complain.

Funny how they never say that with other tragedies that happened to their lands or others.

I the collective spirit witnessed those tragedies and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.


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