30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 2

30 Day Original Author Challenge

Day 2: Favorite male character you wrote?

This is actually a recent one since this character hasn’t been around that long. My favorite male character I wrote is Kasamba Baraka from the Revezia series. I wouldn’t have made a character like that had I not have found out my DNA results. If Kasamba were from earth, he would be Congolese. He was a fun an atypical character to write. Kasamba is very smart, yet he doubts his own intelligence. He rarely ever insults people, yet he thrashes crappy movies in some of his inner monologues since he’s big into indie films. Kasamba has awesome gadgets for everyday use and can even neutralize magical abilities. Fun fact about his name and aspects of his character: The name “Kasamba” means “To Console” in Tshiluba and his last name “Baraka” means “Blessing” in Swahili. Most of his core gadgets are green, yellow, and red which are the colors of the Republic of Congo’s AKA Congo-Brazzaville’s flag. That was one cathartic hero to write and I hope others appreciate it.

Check out the books I wrote with Kasamba in it such as his debut appearance in Sika Uvira Chronicle (which you can get for free or by donation!), Electrum Vol. 1, Electrum Vol. 2, and Electrum Vol. 3.


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