30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 3

30 Day Original Author Challenge

Day 3: Favorite female protagonist you wrote?

This was a tricky one to answer because there were multiple characters I liked creating. I guess after lots of thought and consideration, I would have to say it would be Ayesha Durand from Hollandus Landing. I’m actually surprised by my own pick with that one since she certainly doesn’t start off as a traditional protagonist. She’s an insufferable genius character who’s not afraid to call people out on their stupidity, but she deals with her own insecurities. The truth is I internalize a lot of things and I wish I could have snappy comebacks against everyone who belittled me, so it translated in having a character with biting wit. I also haven’t seen a character like her in a story like that. Expect to see her again in the Hollanduscosm in a future story. I will say that much.

Feel free to read Hollandus Landing which you can download for free or by donation!


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