30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 5

30 day original author challenge

Day 5: Favorite supporting character you wrote?

The very few people who read or care about this challenge can take a sigh of relief because the answer doesn’t involve either Revezia or the Hollanduscosm. My answer to that question is Orianne from Sylvain: Serpent King. I wanted to subvert various aspects that could make a character like her problematic. Despite taking place in an alternate medieval France setting, Orianne is treated very well and has a high position in Sylvain’s kingdom. She’s not a servant, but a top mage. Not only that, but she’s effective at her job, challenges the king himself if he goes too far, and plays a big role in trying to reverse Sylain and Laidronette’s respective curses.

Make sure you read Sylvain: Serpent King!


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