30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 15

30 day original author challenge

Day 15: What media would you like to crossover with one of your books or series?

If I had to pick two of my own series or books, then the obvious choice would be the Revezia series and the Hollanduscosm. The level of team-ups and adventures would be quite epic. I also think some of the interactions with the heroes would be fun. The best collaborations would be Kasamba and Yamikani since they can do some cool science things, Darina and Liliwen where they can fight against bad guys (I also have a joke of them being the dragon and the princess which will only make sense if you read their respective books). Koralo and Amadi interacting would be very hilarious to me, but I can’t be too prideful about it.

If I had to get someone else’s story to crossover with my universe, then I would have a crossover with then I would mashup the Hollanduscosm with The Place Promised In Our Early Days. Since both use the concept of parallel universes, it would be very exiting how this would play out with Exomoon and the Union Tower. The Place Promised In Our Early Days is my favorite film from Japanese animator Makoto Shinkai which I strongly recommend you checking out.


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