30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 16

30 day original author challenge

Day 16: Funniest scene you wrote?

I think one scene that I thought was really funny was a brief part in Revezia: Praxis of the Disenchanted. It involves Ambrose and Amadi setting up an older arcade machine in the Zakarian Pawn Shop where they work. They both have some free time and play the game after it started working. It’s a fighting game that parodies elements of Capcom’s works in that genre. Ambrose dominates since Amadi would rather play chess or strategy board games than video games. As Ambrose’s character juggles Amadi’s character in the air, he says “Where yo curly mustache at?”. His co-worker is very confused by that question while claiming him and his character don’t have facial hair. For those of you who don’t know the reference, it’s from a meme involving the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. Even the term “curly mustache” is now official slang for juggling opponents by doing air combos.

Feel free to read Revezia: Praxis of the Disenchanted!


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