30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 17

30 day original author challenge

Day 16: Saddest scene you wrote?

This was a really tough one that I had to pick because I can think of multiple scenes in different ways with how it can be sad for the viewer. After careful deliberation, I would say the saddest scene comes from my first novel I wrote with Revezia: Terminal Rescue.


This involves a fight scene in the middle of the book where Shamakani and his party are busy fighting off Doran’s forces. The warlock has the upper hand and he fires a gigantic magical blast towards the prince. His guards Archibald and Reginald get in the way to protect Shamakani and they die from the impact. They fulfilled their duty to protect the prince at all costs which devastates Shamakani and Paige to the point where the former can barely speak and has temporary moments of instability.

Make sure you read Revezia: Terminal Rescue!


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