30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 18

30 day original author challenge

Day 18: Best plot twist you wrote?

Plot twists can be so fun to write and can really give a story a new dynamic when used the right way. I believe my favorite plot twist that I wrote would involve Hollandus Landing which really kicks off the Hollanduscosm.


For anyone who begins reading Hollandus Landing would probably assume it’s going to be of the drama and slice-of-life variety at first. The reader wouldn’t be wrong at first or with multiple parts of the story. However, the conspiracy that’s going on in this fictional Wisconsin city is Exomoon. This is a mysterious subject that can be used as an energy source or it can be weaponized. The biggest problem is that it’s unstable and connected to some kind of interdimensional energy. When used improperly, it can transport someone against their will to another dimension of sorts. That changes the whole paradigm of the entire story.

Make sure you download and read Hollandus Landing!


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