30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 19

30 day original author challenge

Day 19: Coolest scene you wrote?

There are so many cool scenes out there that I’ve written. The first that came to mind was the final battle in Planet Chromatica.


The main heroes take on the sinister princess Antia in her main castle after they escape their prison. They are fighting by the skin of their teeth and what doesn’t help is that Antia summons her pet dragoness to fight them. The team is lead by Darina who is this world’s dragon princess (and the first from Earth) who gains powers with shields and force fields. She gets stronger when there are others around her to protect. During the battle, Antia insults her a lot, but Darina fights back. Also, Distira enters into the castle in the nick of time to help out the heroes. When Darina starts to do some damage to the princess, she actually breaks out in her signature evil laugh that she used when playing villains in plays. That laugh makes Antia AND Distira take pause before the dragon princess says “Antia, I’ve played witches before and if you’re going to insult me, then you’re going to have to try better than that.” after Darina gets subjected by being called a witch and for being fat-shamed (context: Darina is a bit overweight and would always play villains back on earth despite being a naturally kind, yet bullied person). When you have a villainous magic-using princess and a tall dragoness backing away from you by laughing, you know you’re stronger than you look.

Make sure to read Planet Chromatica!


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