30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 21

30 day original author challenge

Day 21: Favorite genre to write?

Most of my books tend to be either sci-fi or fantasy coincidentally enough. What if I told you that those aren’t my favorite genres to write even though I still enjoy writing those aforementioned genres? I actually like writing realistic dramas and slice-of-life stories. It reflects on what films I really enjoy the most and that’s becoming more apparent over the past few months given my mentality on writing stories. I would like to write more realistic stories after I finish the Revezia series and the Hollanduscosm.

With that being said, when I do love deconstructing so many elements of fantasy and sci-fi. Those genres have more leeway to be more creative with world-building, powers, and different races of people. What I try is to subvert so many expectations in those fields with atypical characters, challenging tropes or cliches, and destroying archetypes already set there.


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