30 Day Original Author Challenge: Day 26

30 day original author challenge

Day 26: Which 3 authors would you like to collaborate with if you could?

1: Jeannette Jonic

You’ve probably seen this name before on here and I interviewed her on this blog. Jeannette is a good friend and very talented writer. She is hard at work with her trilogy series called The Victor’s Blade which I can’t wait to read. Definitely check out her blog.

2: Khaya Ronkainen

She’s more of a recent author and poet I checked out, but I want you all to check out her blog. Khaya is great with words and I would really like to see her write some really epic poetry and various stories. Definitely watch out for her works.

3: Takatsu

He’s a pioneer of cell phone novels and made the first English-language one of it’s kind a few years ago. It would be amazing to work on a cell phone novel with him. Takatsu has also given me advice on writing in this literary form, so one can say I’ve been influenced by his work in a way.


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