Otaku Piano Player (A Strange Request at a Piano Bar Story Prompt)

One gift I received recently was a notebook that contains a story prompt per page. I had to follow a concept and use certain words in the story. Here’s the first one I wrote, but now it’s in digital form.

I was busy chilling with a ginger ale in my hand while a carnival of upbeat tunes filled the air. It was a reprieve from juvenile forms of music. Things got awkward when someone drinking an appletini decided to request a song: “Mask” from Sorcerer Hunters.

I almost sprained my wrist after slamming it against the table. The pianist said “Okay” and immediately began the song. He twirled his fingers to get some of the faster melodic passages. That piano player must have destroyed any otaku oxidation by playing the song. What musical sassafras to shock the closet anime fans. Even the casuals took notice.


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