A Single Endangered Mother in a Namibian Ghost Town

I knew humans who lived here. It’s not like my kind created these buildings and houses in the desert. I wondered why they all left. I hope it wasn’t because they thought my kind was malevolent or mischievousness at best. Must be how we supposedly “laughed”.

There hasn’t been any reason to laugh though. I was a single mom who’s raised nine generations of cubs. It would’ve been nice if I could’ve had more help and if there was a greater abundance of food in these ruins, but that certainly wasn’t so.

“Mommy, what are we going to eat today?”

One of the little ones asked me from the half-demolished home.

“I wish I knew, but I’ll go and find something. Maybe a korhaan or springhare could do. I’ll do my best.” I promised them as much as I could. “Just stay with me. You never know if there are any enemies around.”

Three of my own cubs followed me as we traveled around this ghost town in the Namib desert. One could see sand forever and it certainly wasn’t anything like this place called Windhoek that some other creatures told me about. After a long search, I found a few adult korhaans flapping their wings about near a broken down table. I’m sure they should be able to feed my family.

Then, I heard a roar and approaching footsteps.

“Children, stay close!” I warned them and they quickly got behind me. I knew it. There was a lioness that appeared.

“Well, if it isn’t one of those worthless scavengers.” She insulted us. “You deserve to be endangered species.”

I snarled right back at her. “How dare you!”

That lioness just laughed. “We know you brown hyenas have no business being around here. I’m sure I can take your cubs off your paws for you and feed them to my pride–”

I had it with her and I immediately snapped. I fought that rude wildcat, but she was bigger and stronger than me. My children were crying in the background and I had to be sure they were protected. She drew blood, but I made sure to return the favor in kind with my claws. Unfortunately, I was pinned by her.

“All you poachers deserve to be extinct.” She had this sadistic grin before putting a free paw up ready for the final swipe.

Before she could claw me, I struggled free evaded her claws and parried with mine to her right eye. She roared before retreating.

“Mommy! You saved us!” My cubs were shaking, but they saw that I protected them.

“Yes..” I hobbled a bit. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. That lioness won’t come around here anymore.”

Despite my weakened state, I was able to provide my family with those korhaans. I wish I didn’t have to resort to hunting and just scavenge, but I didn’t see anything else. At least we got to live for one more day.


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