Future Character Spotlight: Omar Jernigan-Morrison

Morainewood, New Hackdonia, Galbion…

There was a gym amidst the bustling atmosphere of cars, bikes, and pedestrians around. Inside, there were people doing all kinds of activities. Weight lifting, treadmills, speed bags, and tracks of all things were all to capacity.

One young man was busy kicking and throwing elbows on a punching bag.

“Maybe I could get my shot.” He thought.

He wore a red tank top and black shorts. This person had a black flat top with a red streak on the left side. He was built like a super lightweight fighter and had mahogany skin. There were headphones blasting into his consciousness with some dream trance music playing. The strikes became faster until he was in position to do a spinning heel kick.

“Let’s play.”

WHAM! His heel sent that bag flying a bit. He took a huge breath and slowly walked away.

“Hey, Omar!”

Someone caught his attention and he took his headphones off.

“What up, Jehaziel?”

There was someone a bit taller than him that also had a light frame. He had ochre-toned skin, dark brown hair, and wore a hakama with dark blue pants. “I’m just about to teach a self-defense class in about half an hour. What’s new with you?”

Omar sighed. “Training as usual. I wish I could be in the same circles as you, man.”

“Hey, there’s no need to doubt yourself.” Jehaziel tried encouraging him. “Trust me, I still deal with those issues even now. I shouldn’t be a VP for the Dauntless Hearts or any kind of team in all of Galbion, but I’m thankful to have earned my spot. You’ll definitely make it anywhere.”

Before Omar could say anything, he remembered all the times where he would be underestimated. A lifetime of bigger people pushing him around came to his mind. He winced at the rampaging thoughts.

“No, stop…” Omar said aloud.

All he saw in his mind was the replaying of people shoving him, punching him, or hurting him before taking his stuff. He decided to hone in on his skills then. That patented heel kick would land on the head of one of his oppressors before putting him in a submission which freaked everyone out.

“You okay?” Jehaziel asked.

“Yeah, I just had those memories again. I doubt you’ve ever been bullied especially with you getting co-signed by that freestyle wrestler guy.”

“You mean Nkalati?”


“He’s very talented, but he saw potential in me. However, I’ve had my fair share of bullies. Look at me.” Jehaziel pointed to himself. “Do I look like some seven foot three hundred pound giant? If I was in MMA, I’d be a welterweight, you know. Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m not as good at submissions as you are.”

Omar remembered a sparring match between the two of them. Jehaziel reversed so many of his strikes until Omar reversed some of those reversals into an armbar which causes the member of the Dauntless Hearts to tap out after twenty seconds of struggling.

“Just keep at it. I’m sure you’ll be part of a team real soon.”

“Sure thing.” Omar said before waving goodbye. “I hope your class goes well.”

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