Saturday Sample Chapter: Kenmozukai Protectorate

Kenmozukai Protectorate

Here’s the intro to one of my upcoming books in the Hollanduscosm. It’s Kenmozukai Protectorate which is an action/sci-fi cell phone novel in this vast multiverse story. This and the other books in the Hollanduscosm on sale are for 99 cents. Pre-order it here and it will come out on September 15th!

[Chapter 1 Part I]
The multiverse had a plethora of dimensions and galaxies all over the place. Most of them have been undiscovered by those from planet Earth. It was a vast and infinitesimal place that not many people knew about.

 However, some planets would be around that would foster their own cultures and civilizations unseen from other universes in the omnipresent and omnipotent cosmic sea.

 One such planet was none other than Chojin World.

[Chapter 2 Part II]
The planet of Chojin World was similar to Earth with green continents and blue oceans, but this globe was quite different to say the least. Many people on that planet have access to aura drive as a resource that is a mix of enchanted essences, chakra, and natural energy combined. It’s used as fuel, electricity, and even for fast international or even inter-dimensional travel.

 Many people across multiple countries have access to various abilities derived from aura drive and other forms of mystical energy.

[Chapter 3 Part III]
So many lands were there such as kingdoms consisting of dragons (one of which would join a team on another planet as rumor has it). Some kingdoms treat martial arts as the top sport that would put other trendy games such as football and soccer to shame back on Earth. There are other countries with so many warriors around.

 One country that became a superpower of sorts is the Federated Prefectures of Oga. That nation would harbor so many facets of Chojin World’s culture in microcosm.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]
The Federated Prefectures of Oga consisted of fifty areas from coast to coast. Like most other countries, the cultures spread through fighting and imperialism for centuries. This story happens to take place in Kuuku Prefecture with the largest city in said prefecture: Shikago-cho.

 This city had over three and a half million people, several skyscrapers, many tourist areas, but unfortunately some impoverished areas hidden away from the rest of society. 

 Despite not being a mayor or political figure, there was one warrior by the name of Hu Li Kwan who put people in their place.

 Hu Li would fight those who were deemed to be outsiders.

[Chapter 5 Part V]
These outsiders would be those who moved over here for some situations regardless if it was under their control or not. Some of them would happen to not be able to afford to be there even with multiple jobs. Others would be homeless and would be quelled.

 One area that was under Hu Li Kwan’s sights was Kenmozukai. It was one of the neighborhoods that was filled with various people from all over Chojin World living in one place. There would be three people living there who would make some kind of change against the oppression from this fighter: Azucena, Umid, and Makara.


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