St. Keisuke Academy synopsis and notes

St. Keisuke Academy(1)

In Chojin World, there are so many locales that feature the integral energy source aura drive as well as people engaging in epic activities. There is one school that helped foster so many talented individuals and it is St. Keisuke Academy. It’s an elite private school with a gigantic campus bigger than most universities. So many programs are available for the students such as sports, games, and martial arts. Students have gotten scholarships as well as specialized curricula based on their skills and hobbies as well as learning other subjects. However, there’s a conspiracy going on with Safiria Ustall who is one of the board members. She has recruited a few students to take part in a plot to eliminate “delinquents” as well as expand the school’s influence to other dimensions. A group of four friends unknowingly get tied up in this treacherous scheme. This is another tale in the vast Hollanduscosm.

St. Keisuke Academy is actually the most recent book I wrote. It’s another tale in Chojin World. I got the idea in a dream that it involved a giant elite school with numerous programs that one wouldn’t normally see on earth. This continues some of that anime influence like in Kenmozukai Protectorate and I also have some parallels with Hollandus United High School in Hollandus Landing albeit with superpowers, absurdly powerful faculty, and some futuristic elements. The homages and parody elements are more obvious in my opinion especially when it comes to one of the antagonists.

You can pre-order it for 99 cents and it comes out on 9/15!


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