Saturday Sample Chapter: St. Keisuke Academy

St. Keisuke Academy(1)

Here’s St. Keisuke Academy! This is my other Hollanduscosm book that takes place on the planet Chojin World much like Kenmozukai Protectorate. This one is a drama involving a conspiracy at an elite private school. Not only that, but I incorporate some parody and homage elements despite being a serious story. Don’t forget to pre-order this for .99 when this drops on September 15th.

[Chapter 1 Part I]

There is more than one universe in existence. All these planets and constellations were mere drops in an entire cosmic ocean of sorts. 

 Earth wasn’t the only planet let alone part of the same dimension to have sentient beings of sorts. There were many that had humans quite similar to those from the third planet from the sun.

 Now, this isn’t a story involving Earth (let alone other Earths in the vast multiverse). This particular tale takes place on the planet known as Chojin World.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

Much like Earth, there were humans who lived there, similar landmasses of continents, and blue oceans all around. Unlike that aforementioned planet, there was aura drive fueling so many different sources whether it was electricity, a replacement for petroleum, or invoking supernatural powers of sorts. 

 So many countries on Chojin World had access to this particular source. Some of that was even used to invoke inter-dimensional travel…or egregiously punishing others.

 One particular plot for that to happen took place inside a giant school of all places.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

In the Federated Prefectures of Oga, there was an elite school in the Northwest suburbs of Shikago-cho. This school was St. Keisuke Academy based in the small, yet affluent town of Momiji Shigemi. St. Keisuke Academy was no ordinary school. It would dwarf so many major universities with the size of the campus as well as having a huge student population ranging from first grade all the way to twelfth grade. There were multiple buildings which separated the three levels of students (elementary, junior high, and high school), an Olympic sized stadium, a music hall that would rival major concert venues, and so many smaller buildings used for clubs or meetings.

 Despite the large student population, being a student was a privilege not everyone could have. Some intended to keep it that way.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

St. Keisuke Academy was the biggest employer of Momiji Shigemi with so many teachers, coaches, and faculty members as well as others vying to get a job or to send their students to get a high-quality education away from the public schools in the region. A school which shared the memory of a legendary hero who saved Kuuku and Kein Prefectures deserved to be in prestige as everyone donned the blue, white, and black uniforms.

 The words of companionship, diligence, and triumph were entrenched into the code of the academy. However, there was an inner circle of teachers and students who would twist this slogan for their own gain.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

They were known as the Brilliance Cabal. Lead by St. Keisuke board chairwoman and owner of the Momiji Shigemi Outlet Mall Safiria Ustall, she planned on getting more stakes in this prestigious school. Not only that, but to incorporate a nefarious way to expand the school’s legacy by exploiting other dimensions. There were students who were on board with this plan as they saw this as a way to become stronger at all costs.

 What is the rest of St. Keisuke Academy to do with this looming threat? 

 Would there be anyone willing to stop a high-ranking donor and some highly respected students for this plan?


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