Quaternion Extrication synopsis and notes

Quaternion Extrication

[WARNING! Spoilers from Hollandus Landing ahead!]

After the Exomoon bombs hit Hollandus Landing, there was so much speculation as to what happened. What the media didn’t report right away was other towns across the Illinois/Wisconsin border had their own Exomoon attacks there. This was a job for the United Omniversal Alliance as they had a specialized unit based in South Beloit, IL known as the Quaternion Extrication. They are a quartet who research and retrieve dimensional information on Earth. The members consist of the intelligence agent Amparo Guadarrama, dimensional traveler Quinlan Chatham, medical specialist Dr. Emilia Sala, and they’re lead by pilot HD Vinterson. The four of them do their own investigation of Exomoon across these two neighboring states in the Midwest. What will they find?

This is one of the few Hollanduscosm books I wrote that takes place on the main earth. I wanted to see the aftermath as well as showing some troops willing to investigate the whole Exomoon matter as opposed to showing all these various dimensions in the different books I’ve written so far. I wanted to do something different from the typical action fare and show more of the adventure side as well as some mystery. This also allowed me to reference real life towns across Illinois and Wisconsin. I’ve actually been to most of the places mentioned there, just saying.

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