Reality Gear Masters synopsis and notes

Reality Gear Masters

The planet of Saturnellus 32 is facing a catastrophe. Various beings called over-dreads would infect people in their dreams and cause them to be terminally ill or to die on sight. There’s a brave unit of four souls known as the Reality Gear Masters willing to fight off this bizarre, yet deadly phenomenon. They use devices that look like gears to stop the over-dreads with such adept impact. The group consists of the ex-reporter Eulalie Divina, rollerblader/graffiti artist Reynaldo Gutierrez, the flying pugilist Jadiid Roarke, and their enigmatic leader Maka’i who uses psychic powers while also living on this planet for centuries. How will the Reality Gear Masters take care of this emergency?

I actually wrote the first draft of Reality Gear Masters last year for Camp NaNoWriMo. Despite being a shorter work, it did take longer than expected to edit everything. This is definitely more of a sci-fi work compared to other parts of the Hollanduscosm. My penchant for stealth references slips into this book as all the members have something in common when it comes to ways they act as analogs and homages to others. This is more of a rescue mission that was fun to write. Also, I have to tell people that the over-dreads are compared to an epidemic which is tougher in hindsight due to COVID. This was written months before it existed and the symptoms aren’t the same in-universe. Just stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Pre-order this book for only 99 cents and it comes out on 9/15!


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