Saturday Sample Chapter: Quaternion Extrication

Quaternion Extrication

Here’s Quaternion Extrication! This shorter cell phone novel is part of my much larger Hollanduscosm series. It involves four people part of a small unit investigation the Exomoon case. Feel free to pre-order this book for only 99 cents and it comes out on September 15th!

WARNING! The book and sample chapters contain MAJOR spoilers for Hollandus Landing! You’ve been warned.

[Chapter 1 Part I]

Wisconsin, let alone the rest of America would no longer be the same after 2017. As the city of Hollandus Landing was devastated by those Exomoon bombs, there were recovery efforts to rebuild the city as well as a mission to rescue all of those who were in the city at the time it occurred.

The local townspeople, visitors, college students, and so many others were lost in those blasts.

 This wasn’t a job meant for most first responders who were rooted on that particular Earth.

 It was under the jurisdiction of the United Omniversal Alliance along with their several units across multiple universes.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

The United Omniversal Alliance was a vast organization based in an unknown dimension and dealt with cases that affected other worlds. Whether they were crimes, rescue missions, or even legal cases, they would all find their way across whatever bureau that was specialized for whatever came their way.

 Despite having their headquarters in a place unfamiliar to so many people across this version of planet, they had smaller units that operated in secret on that particular Earth.

 While the epicenter of the blast was in the Heaven of the Midwest, there were other nearby locations that were affected whether directly or indirectly.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

Other portions of Southern Wisconsin and even near the Northern Illinois border by Winnebago County were subject to smaller blasts. Some of the reasoning was up in the air at that point besides the fact how Hollandus Landing wasn’t that far a drive from Illinois as well as some of the bombs reaching outside city limits in the blast zones around.

 Some unincorporated towns and villages were affected.

 On that Earth, there was one United Omniversal Alliance unit that was the right fit for the job. It was none other than Quaternion Extrication.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

This was a unit of four people who had a base in South Beloit, Illinois. Under the orders of the United Omniversal Alliance, they were in charge of rescue and reconstruction in secret missions involving inter-dimensional crimes. What was unexpected was that their next mission would be close to home.

 While it was unexpected for the Revived Warrior Offices to create that much damage for so long, there needed to be action dome while on that planet.

 This quartet was certainly up to the task on that particular mission.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

Quaternion Extrication consisted of these four brave souls.

The leader was Hjalmar Drake Vinterson. Otherwise known as “HD”, he was formally a stunt pilot as well as a vlogger who filmed his aerial exploits before using his airplane skills to transport the team with his custom made aircraft known as Velocity the Arch Dragon King or just King Velocity for short.

There was Quinlan Chatham. He was a resident gadgeteer who has knowledge about inter-dimensional energy as well as harnessing some of it for various devices. Quinlan also has experience doing missions on other planets before being transferred to the Quaternion Extrication as it was closer to home for him.

Next was Dr. Emilia Sala. She was the medical expert on this particular team. Emilia was another transfer as she moved all the way from Moline, Illinois to participate in this job and has saved lives in this planet and in other dimensions as part of her extended training through the United Omniversal Alliance.

Lastly, there was Amparo Guadarrama. She was the resident scouting expert who made sure all the locations would be in secret. Interestingly enough, she used to be a costume designer and cosplayer prior to her employment and training though this particular unit.

 All four would have to deal with the vestiges of the Exomoon attack.


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