DVC synopsis and notes

DVC Dimensional Vanguard Corps(1)

[WARNING! Spoilers from Hollandus Landing will be mentioned here!]

Xhalen is one peculiar planet. While it has lots of technology, the cities are surrounded by television screens that are mandated by law. Every citizen gets a free TV and is ordered to watch them when they’re not at work or doing important things. If anyone were to rebel against the programming, then they are swiftly and severely punished. One city is Baumeropolis which is loaded with monitors as well as superpowered enforcers allegedly saving the day even though they have also wreaked havoc. Of course, some people who were residing in Hollandus Landing were transported against their will due to the Exomoon bombs that afflicted them. They are a quartet of those who try to fight back. These fire-forged friends are none other than the pro wrestler Lisandro Vicario, MMA practitioner Xiuying Shanxi, former experimental soldier Dragoslava Stefanovic, and fellow superpowered fighter Aries Ironheart come back together to become a new faction in this foreign dimension. It’s a long way from Hollandus Landing, but there needs to be a vanguard in other worlds.

Yes! Some familiar faces from Hollandus Landing return for this one. I really wanted to have a more action/superhero-themed story in the Hollanduscosm and it made perfect sense with the returning characters. There’s chemistry and natural progression with all of these characters as they’ve interacted with each other in the first book. I actually wrote the first draft during last year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s good writing things with returning protagonists and I hope people who read Hollandus Landing enjoy it.

Also, special thanks to “Big Wavy” Roy Johnson for inspiring part of this story! Please support him!

Pre-order this book for 99 cents!


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