Jet Black Sorcery synopsis and notes

Jet Black Sorcery(1)

[WARNING! Spoilers from Hollanddus Landing ahead!]

Nocturne was a planet shrouded with clouds and low lighting. In the city of Shawluck, the moonlight was the greatest light that shined. It was ruled by a death cult known as the Silver Cross Covenant which was lead by Heksa Zahrasdottir. She would be surrounded by her followers and cause bloodshed if they didn’t worship her deity the Ever-Burning Sun. So many challengers against her doctrine have been slaughtered except for three survivors: Gwandoya Kitumba and the Nightcaliber siblings (Syd and Karlina). They were in hiding in their isolated mansion, but they would get new allies hailing from Hollandus Landing…a city several dimensions away. These unlikely reinforcements came in the form of Leyden Avalon University students. There was Rozenn Padgett who was the snarky Gothic student which a penchant for writing zines. The second person was Ayesha Durand who was an insufferable genius that had no problem calling out the stupidity of others. Finally, there was Jacob Bridgeport who was the quiet, yet immensely diligent exchange student who was transported alongside them. Will this inter-dimensional alliance see them through against this bloodthirsty covenant?

Here’s another book with returning Hollandus Landing characters! This was the first time writing a Gothic fantasy story and I had the right characters to have in this environment (Rozenn being the most obvious choice). I wanted to try something new with these returning characters while also giving a morbid sense of danger with this murder cult that has good publicity.

Also, major shout out to the Ugandan Warrior Nsereko for allowing me to name one of the resources after him! Gwandoya would be Ugandan if he’s from Earth. Feel free to support Nsereko here!

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