Saturday Sample Chapter: Reality Gear Masters

Reality Gear Masters

Here’s Reality Gear Masters! This is one of my sci-fi projects based in the Hollanduscosm. This reveals a potential key for what went down in Hollandus Landing despite being universes away. Feel free to pre-order it for only 99 cents and it will be released on September 15th!

Author’s Note: I do have to note about something involving the over-dreads in this storyline. The first draft of Reality Gear Masters was written last year. The comparison of the over-dreads to an epidemic could be harsher in hindsight given COVID-19. I can promise you that the over-dreads are nothing like that real life disease from their existence as well as the symptoms. I couldn’t delete them since they do play a major role across this book series. Thank you for understanding. I have no intention of hurting anyone.

[Chapter 1 Part I]

The multiverse had so many troubles of its own.

 Galaxies upon galaxies had their own issues as the inhabitants would be mistreated or be in peril for a multitude of reasons that were out of their control.

 Some universes dealt with illegal resources, kidnappings, or inter-dimensional exiles to name a few.

 However, not all of these issues would occur in the arbitrary conditions of what is called “real life”.

 There are times where it can happens in people’s dreams of all things whenever they are attacked. One particular universe would know about this more than others.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

This was the Rosso Zone 1000 universe to be exact. Several lightyears and dimensions away from earth, this universe had an issue on multiple planets from an unstable source that would appears in various frightening dreams of several individuals.

 No one knows the origin of those occurrences, but these cases are known as over-dreads. They went over so many people and filled them with such terror as they were transported away without their willingness.

 The planet that was plagues the most by these phenomena is Saturnellus 32.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

As one would guess by that name, this planet did have a giant ring, but without it the terrestrial firmament wouldn’t look that much different than earth.

 The temperatures and global climate were more or less the same, except the inhabitants would be affected by the over-dreads without warning. They increased in occurrences worldwide and they needed to be stopped.

 On Saturnellus 32, there were four brave souls who banded together to take care of this reverie of an epidemic.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

Enter the Reality Gear Masters.

 This small yet brave quartet addressed the need to rid their planet let alone the entirety of Rosso Zone 1000 of these over-dread cases. They had their own starship known as the Genesis Dream to travel across their universe to take care of those terrifying matters into their own hands. 

 Their work had caused them to be noticed by even the United Omniversal Alliance and they have collaborated on big missions in the past.

 Little did they know that their prowess would have a connection to another universe with their problems.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

The four members in question of the Reality Gear Masters were as follows…

Eulalie: A former reporter from the futuristic world known as AM United Nine who is adept at rescuing others with various devices local to her planet. While everything was in neon colors, they were no less effective in getting the job done.

Jadiid: A Saturnellus 32 native hailing from Seraphim Isles, he is effective at rescuing while also possessing powers of flight, climbing, and enhanced strength.

Reynaldo: Another Saturnellus 32 native, he was a former rollerblader and graffiti artist before getting his life in order to saving others. Reynaldo even has an inventive streak with the devices they use.

Maka’i: He’s the leader of the Reality Gear Masters who’s origins were unknown. He possesses the ability to teleport, access other dimensions temporarily, and can lend his powers to others in dire situations.


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