Saturday Sample Chapter: DVC

DVC Dimensional Vanguard Corps(1)

Here’s DVC! This is one of my most action-oriented stories in the Hollanduscosm. Also, four characters from Hollandus Landing return for this tale, so if you really liked the first book, then you will see some familiar faces here. Don’t forget to pre-order it for only 99 cents as it comes out September 15th!

WARNING! This contains MAJOR spoilers for Hollandus Landing! You’ve been warned!

[Chapter 1 Part I]

Hollandus Landing, Wisconsin was afflicted very harshly. Exomoon bombs hidden across the city exploded on impact from the malevolent Revived Warrior Offices company even after the death of the mayor and investor who helped fund this company and projects.

 The population became scattered not to the four corners of the earth, but to every possible nook and cranny of the great vast multiverse. The raw Exomoon energy was unstable and sent so many people to worlds that were unknown to the general public.

 This is a story involving those who were affected.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

There were people living in Hollandus Landing who were sent together to the planet Xhalen. While most of the cities and towns looked similar to those in Earth circa 2017 when that event happened in that so-called utopia in Southern Wisconsin, there were different factors at play with the society and culture of so many places.

 Many of these cities, counties, states, and countries were already bought out and ruled by monarchs and autocrats who were dubbed to be crowned heroes of their jurisdiction.
Might certainly made right for better or worse in these locales.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

One particular fiefdom was the city of Baumeropolis. This was a city of three million people. There were many skyscrapers, monorails, trains, transportation, and several businesses. Besides the typical ads for products that the public may or may not need, there were slogans and posters featuring the crowned hero of that metropolis…Leonard Baumer. His family has ruled Baumeropolis for several generations. He also had a cabinet featuring those in and outside the planet.

 Things were peaceful more or less in the city even though it was a false peace. Any revolution was quelled by a little household tool known as television.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

Every household received a free and mandatory TV that was in 4K definition. There were certainly previous generations of TV, but each new upgrade would be sent to every person in the city who owned a home or apartment. The content in those televisions were quite simple and straightforward. 

 There were news channels, weather, infomercials, and “action programming”. There were violent movies and TV shows by the truckloads channel by channel.

 The choices were quite limited even if the violence pacified the public. That and those who dared question the system would receive real violence towards them.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

Baumeropolis would receive four dimensional exiles who were in Hollandus Landing at the time of the Exomoon bombing.

There was Lisandro Vicario. He was a professional wrestler AKA’d as the masked luchador Lord Relampago who moved all the way from Lima, Peru to hone his craft. His most recent accomplishment was winning the Dunamis World Championship which made him the first Peruvian world champion of an American wrestling federation.

Next was Xiuying Shanxi. She was an MMA fighter and second generation martial artist after following the footsteps of her father who was an action movie star who was an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Xiuying hailed all the way from the coastal Chinese administration of Macau.

Thirdly, there was Dragoslava Stefanovic. She was one of two individuals who were experimented on by the Revived Warrior Offices and rebelled against those who did this to her. Dragoslava was known as D75 much to her chagrin and had supernatural abilities. She was also from Belgrade, Serbia.

Lastly there was Aries Ironheart. Like Dragoslava, he was also experimented on by the Revived Warrior Offices and turned against those who did this to him. Aries had enhanced strength and temporary invulnerability. Aries was the only American in the group who would be thrust into Baumeropolis as he was a native Hollanduser.


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