Saturday Sample Chapter: Jet Black Sorcery

Jet Black Sorcery(1)

Here’s Jet Black Sorcery! This is a dark fantasy tale set in the Hollanduscosm. For those that have read Hollandus Landing, you’re in luck because three characters return for this book. Don’t forget that it’s only 99 cents!

WARNING! This contains MAJOR spoilers from Hollandus Landing! You’ve been warned!

[Chapter 1 Part I]

Hollandus Landing had suffered greatly. The population vanished after the rampant Exomoon bombs went off across the city.
Tens of thousands of people were sent across numerous dimensions that were unknown to many people on that earth.

Some of those that were affected weren’t even from this formally utopian city in Southern Wisconsin. Certain individuals came from out of state and even outside the country just to get a bachelor’s degree at Leyden Avalon University.

As if living through the Ghastly Graduation wasn’t enough misery for those people…

[Chapter 2 Part II]

There would be three individual Leyden Avalon undergrads who would be transported together across a foreign dimension.

First, there was Rozenn Padgett. She was from the small suburb of Antioch, Illinois and would often make zines of the local music scene whenever she wasn’t studying.

Secondly, there was her roommate Ayesha Durand. This science major from Albany, New York was dead set on crafting theories and experiments whenever she wouldn’t brush others away with her deadpan snark.

Finally, there was Jacob Bridgeport. He was a business major who came all the way from Canberra, Australia to study at this reputable school in the Midwest. Everyday was filled with busyness with his jobs and studies. People wondered why he didn’t crack from the pressure.

[Chapter 3 Part III]

The planet where these three college students would land in is Nocturne. This planet from a dimension so many light years away had a ruby red moon hovering over that sphere.

The environment was rarely ever sunny as clouds dominated the sky until the night fell upon its citizens. The architecture had an ominous feel as so many things were black, navy, purple, or at least had darker hues of colors.

One city on this planet was the whole civilization in microcosm of sorts.

[Chapter 4 Part IV]

It was none other than Shawluck. This had over a million people living in this dour and constantly cloudy city. The blood moon was a constant light of sorts when the sun would barely shine through the cumulus barriers.

The people dressed in darker shades and could camouflage with the buildings and homes around them.

While people lived their lives, there were others who would cause dread in many hearts across Shawluck.

[Chapter 5 Part V]

This form of dread was known as the Silver Cross Covenant. They were a faction of respected individuals by day (or what could be called day), but they would engage in horrific rituals and anyone was fair game.

They declared themselves to be the light beyond the blood moon over the planet and each sacrifice would help them become a force to be reckoned with. Others paid them not to be targets. Such are the alms to not become more bodies in the ground.

How can the Silver Cross Covenant be stopped?


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