Thoughts on the blog on New Year’s Eve

Sorry for not blogging as much on this page. I’ve been so inconsistent here, it’s not even funny. I hope you’re doing okay though.

2020 has been such a rough year for so many people in this world. I probably wasn’t the only one who had moments of depression and frustration this year after lockdown happened. It was also a time of a lot of thought.

Some good things did happen though. I finished both Camp NaNoWriMo challenges, the real NaNoWriMo, and released new books in the Hollanduscosm series this year, so that counts for something, right? It was arduous being able to write this year even though the shelter-in-place rules gave me an excuse to do so when I wasn’t at work, obviously.

I’ve been thinking about this blog as well as my bibliography. While I do want to finish the Hollanduscosm since that’s been my main book series and I’m motivated to write more there, I feel like my ideology on storytelling has been changing. The effects of 2020 didn’t help, but I’m not putting all of the onus on the dreadful year that was. Part of this is personal with not appreciating my older works as much and feeling like I could’ve been writing partially for the wrong reasons. It was fun making unique storylines and characters, but I need a new approach to writing as well as blogging more consistently on here instead of doing so when I’m promoting new books.

Hope 2021 is an improvement in some way.


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