C. M. B. Bell has written various microfiction and short stories on blogs, TaleHunt, and on the 7X20 online literary magazine. He writes numerous forms of fiction with traditional and experimental forms such as novels, novellas, novelettes, Twiction, and cell phone novels. Outside of fiction, C. M. B. Bell enjoys videography, reading, songwriting, avant-garde art, watching obscure movies, anime, and documentaries.


Diptych Souls
Gateway to the Empyrean
Global Guru Elisha

Hollanduscosm series:

-Hollandus Landing
-Telestic Estoc
-Team Extrasolar
-Borough of the Exiled
-Kyriakos and the United Omniversal Alliance
-Novus Pride
-Planet Chromatica

If I Could Only Be the Moon
Piteraq Dusk
Quarterback in Daffodil Heights

Revezia series:

-Terminal Rescue
-Shattered Crowns
-Praxis of the Disenchanted
-Tales from the Mage Colony
-Sika Uvira Chronicle
-Infrasound Larceny
-Electrum Volume 1: Silver Genesis
-Electrum Volume 2: Metallic Mission
-Electrum Volume 3: Golden Restitution

Runa the Silencer
Sylvain: Serpent King
Transparent Sabbath
Zombie Hunter in the Eight Star Mall